Hegenscheidt- MFD U2000-150 Underfloor Wheel Lathe

Underfloor wheelset lathes are characterised by their maximum flexibility in profile machining and diversity in user applications. Owing to the increased pressure of cost, it has become necessary to put into practice brake disc reworking operations using these machines in addition to merely carrying out profile machining.

The modern underfloor wheelset lathe not only meets all the working and precision requirements, but is also geared in its overall design towards future developments.

The underfloor wheelset lathe U 2000-150 is a further development of the tried and trusted Hegenscheidt-MFD underfloor wheelset lathes exclusively for the machining of light vehicles such as trams and underground trains with a maximum axle load of 18 t. Based on the latest technology, the CNC-controlled machine guarantees cost-effective, precise and fast machining operations both for reprofiling the wheelsets when installed or removed and for machining all brake disc configurations. High-precision systems for measuring wear and the diameter – with automatic determination of the most cost-effective type of machining – also contribute to reducing the costs.

This underfloor wheelset lathe is available in either single or tandem arrangement which enables you to simultaneously machine the two wheelsets of a bogie when it is installed.