Hegenscheidt- MFD Mobiturn®2

MOBITURN® is a mobile, high-value wheelset lathe and can be brought to various locations per rail or road transport. Once it has been positioned on the track network in the workshops, MOBITURN® is simply brought from its standby position on the track network to the respective location when needed. A machine-integrated wheel diameter and profile wear measuring system in combination with a modern CNC control system enables MOBITURN® to be linked to a data management system available at the customer’s site. MOBITURN® leads to savings in wheelset reprofiling when compared to conventional underfloor wheelset lathes.

Mobiturn®2 Service

As a service feature, we can offer you the option of having your wheelsets reprofiled at your own plant. To do this, we can provide a MOBITURN® together with the operating personnel and all the required wear parts and accessories.

The machine will be equipped with the profiles and hold-down adapters according to your requirements. If the supplied adapters need to be modified, then this will be carried out on-site.