Hegenscheidt ES600 Shunt Mule

The ES600 is a two-axle battery locomotive that is the right solution to any in-yard shunting task.

The ES600 is driven by 2x14kW AC motors and offers great traction force. Nominal shunting duty is 600 tons but vehicle could handle up to 1000 tons on flat terrain. The ES600’s usual work speed is between 3 and 7km/h. Speed is infinitely adjustable and there are two speed ranges. Our battery shunters have real locomotive transmission system and axle gearboxes. This contributes to their durability and low maintenance intervals.

Standard features on the ES600 are: an ergonomic cabin, 1000Ah battery, built-in charger, radio remote control and an adjustable height coupling adaptor.

Possible options: buffers, air compressor, limit switch system, and others. Vehicle dimensions are compact and designed for easy road transportation.

ES600 vehicles are proven in industrial sidings, underfloor wheel lathes operation, loading and unloading tasks, LPG and other rail terminals.